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5 Tips For Connecting to Your Next Hire

Many employers have recently lamented their inability to find and recruit the proper people. Are employers, on the other hand, doing everything they can to make that process more efficient?

Here are five things your business can do right now to cut down on the time it takes to find the finest available staff.

1) For the great majority of candidates, your company's website is their first point of contact.

Eighty-six percent of poll respondents said their "main search resource" is a company's website. Furthermore, 36% of respondents stated that "clearer, more complete information about the business, the employment opportunity, and corresponding salary" was needed.

You have to make sure that your website is carefully designed and regularly updated with content or information about your company and its workplace culture, as well as specific details about available jobs, the related hiring process, and opportunities for employees to grow and develop professionally, even if you're posting openings on other job search sites. If you are looking out for manpower recruiting services in Bahrain, you should get in touch with Seven Energy W.L.L which is located in Muharraq and operates under Promoseven Holdings.

2) Job candidates are researching your organization on social media, but various groups utilize social media in different ways.

Nearly one-third of respondents said they used social media to investigate firms and job vacancies, indicating that having a strong social media presence is critical to a successful recruitment strategy. It's also crucial to comprehend how professionals at various phases of their careers utilize social media in different ways.

According to the survey, Millennials predominantly use Facebook for socializing while also migrating to other platforms, but people with high salaries or substantial experience in a certain industry are less likely to receive corporate information on Facebook.

Your Facebook page's target demographic appears to be older job searchers who may not be earning top-tier earnings or who are exploring a change of position or sector.

Job seekers who used Google+ to help them find work were mostly "uninspired by the compensation levels of the positions for which they applied," while those who used LinkedIn were older and made more money, albeit they were also unmotivated by pay.

About 15% of individuals who used social media in their job hunt said they used Instagram, with those who are "most comfortable" with video technology being the most likely to do so. Those who utilized LinkedIn and Instagram together were more likely to be actively looking for work. Pinterest, Twitter, and other social media platforms were also mentioned by respondents.

3) The greatest approach to interact with applicants is still through face-to-face conversation.

Despite the fact that technology has made new interview formats like as video conferencing more widespread, 72 percent of respondents said they felt most at ease in an in-person interview with the hiring manager.

"While virtual interviews are frequently a more rapid and cost-effective alternative for employers than in-person interviews," the research adds, "they may occasionally inhibit candidates from feeling at ease or presenting their abilities in the best possible way."

Video interviews were more comfortable for those with greater wages. Additionally, applicants wanting better pay were more inclined to attempt novel interview forms, "particularly if their involvement in these formats increased their chances of obtaining paid employment," according to the study.

4) Bring on employing managers who are the finest potential brand advocates.

Because of the solid evidence of business culture's value to job searchers, it's critical that your firm's hiring process and the experts who enable it are consistent with the brand and goals of the organization.

5) Ascertain that your website is "device agnostic."

As previously said, prospects will be investigating your organization across a variety of platforms, so you must ensure that their experience is consistent regardless of how they access your online presence.

Working to keep your company's website and any other online platforms uniform and effective for "various sorts of devices, including laptops, tablet PCs, and smartphones," according to the study, is a top priority.

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