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A Quick Facility Management Guide for Beginners

Facility management is a vast and rapidly evolving discipline. If you're searching for a facility management handbook, there are many of solutions available, some of which date back decades. Unfortunately, the job tasks of a facilities manager (FM) continue to change and expand—especially in today's age of workplace digitization—which is why there are so many.

It helps to know what the position includes, whether you're trying to get into the sector or assessing if your firm needs an FM.

Lesson 1: What is facility management?

The best place to start is with a thorough grasp of facilities management functions. In practice, they are divided into three categories:

  • Building upkeep and improvements

  • Assuring that facilities suit the demands of their users

  • Using and integrating technology in the workplace

Lesson 2: Quick facilities management stats and tips

What is the significance of facilities management? Aside from fostering a friendly environment that is critical to the company's success, facilities management is becoming increasingly important to businesses looking to cut expenses.

The cost of renting commercial real estate in the United States reached about $87 billion in 2017. Smart businesses view the workplace as an asset they can manage and maximize the value of.

They'll need to spend in facilities management to accomplish so. Take a look at a few facilities management cost-cutting ideas and why it's important to keep future costs under control:

  • Pay attention to how much space you're using. It's not about cramming as many people into a place as possible; it's about optimizing ROI by empowering the individuals who work there.

  • Consider the many sorts of workplaces available inside the larger workplace. Not everyone needs the same workplace, and experimenting with different space types might help you maximize your return on investment.

  • Understand how workplace digitalization may help you save money. Consider factors such as remote employees, optimization data, and cost-of-space insights.

Understanding the workplace is essential to optimizing it. To accomplish so, you'll need someone who is intimately familiar with the area, the people that inhabit it, and the technology that surrounds it. There's a reason facility management's major tasks are these.

Lesson 3: Who is in charge of setting the standards for facilities management?

Facilities management, like other professional professions, is subject to standardization. National and international organizations have established facility management best practices with the stated goal of providing benchmarks for quality, consistency, and excellence.

  • ISO 41011:2017 is a standard developed by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

  • The International Facilities Management Association (IFMA) is a non-profit organization dedicated (IFMA)

  • The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) is a non-profit organization that (ANSI)

  • The Institute of Workplace and Facilities Management (IWFM) is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving workplace and facility management (U.K.)

  • The Building Owners and Managers Association is a non-profit organization that represents building owners and managers (BOMA)

These and similar organizations have established the standard for facility management in the modern era.

They develop best practices, keep up with industry trends, report on current events, and provide accreditation and instructional programs to help facility managers be better stewards of their facilities.

They are, in the end, the primary contributors to the standardization of facilities management practices across sectors.

Lesson 4: Developing facility action plans

Facilities managers are responsible for maintaining the physical assets of the workplace, but they also focus on process development. Submitting maintenance requests, arranging a relocation, and reviewing contractors are all included under the property management plan umbrella.

A company's action plans and processes are critical because they determine how the workplace is used. It is not enough to simply supply employees with vacant space; regulations, procedures, and activities must be in place to ensure that their requirements are addressed.

It may range from anything as basic as sending a service ticket for a damaged computer to something as life-threatening as planning an emergency evacuation timeline. It falls under the umbrella of facilities management if it occurs within facilities.

Lesson 5: Top facility manager traits

The scope of facilities manager tasks is expanding all the time. Good candidates have a varied skillset and use those skills on a regular basis to solve problems and anticipate workplace needs. Here's what's hot right now:

  • Good planning and management are essential.

  • Leadership and project management abilities

  • Leadership and liaison skills Problem-solving and creative adaption

  • Identification and management of risks

  • Quality assurance and meticulous attention to detail

It's no accident that the majority of these characteristics are related to leadership, structure, and responsibility. The way the workplace is run has a lot riding on it. Individuals eager to take on the responsibility must acknowledge the various problems of facilities management and possess the entrenched skills necessary to overcome them.

Lesson 6: Keep industry evolution in mind

As previously said, facilities management is an ever-evolving profession, now more than ever. The best way for a facility manager to stay on top of things is to pay close attention to the demands of the facilities and the people who use them.

Trends in facilities management are perpetuated by people's wants and the way they operate. A facility manager's job is to make sure they're implemented, optimized, and measured.

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