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Deep Dive : Bahrain's First Floating Hotel

Have you dreamt of combining the tranquility and luxury of a top-of-the-line cruise ship; without the inconvenience of being out in the open ocean and unable to return to dry land whenever you desire?

Then the C Hotel experience is for you.

The floating C Hotel represents the culmination of several phases of expansions and improvements at the Coral Bay Hotel and Resort which boasts a broad spectrum of top-of-the-range facilities.

These include restaurants, a spa, a hairdressing salon, beaches, water sports – and now a five-star floating boutique hotel.

The C Hotel is part of the Hotel des Charmes group, which specializes in only luxury boutique hotels around the world. The underlying ethos is to offer a unique hospitality experience for guests looking for something special and distinctive.

The C Hotel is floating, yet anchored, allowing guests to feel that they are on a cruise ship, yet never fearing rough waters – just the therapeutic sensation of gentle waves lapping beneath the hull. Only the automatic gliding bridge separates them from dry land and Coral Bay’s luxury restaurant facilities.

The C Hotel represents a nearly USD 4,00,00,000 investment, built to the highest specifications, with superior finishing and furnishings.

For example; the shower rooms with power jets and steam offer a refreshing place to go and unwind – you may find yourself staying in longer than intended!

The hotel also enjoys a number of unique design features that we are particularly proud of, such as the piped-in water and ducted air conditioning – There are no unsightly, environmentally-unsound, or space-consuming AC units anywhere to be found in this hotel. Hotel guests of course have all the facilities and amenities of a top-of-the-range beach resort at their disposal.

With no expense spared, C Hotel was built from the locally well-known Al-Khaleejia houseboat. The conversion took three years, but we believe all the effort was well worth it; especially as we were able to bring in the expertise of Italian nautical engineers and interior designers.

For guests who are looking for something extra special, there are two picturesque suites boasting dramatic views and VIP facilities. These are the Admiralty Suite and the Royal Suite. We are proud to offer a hospitality experience that you won’t anywhere else in Bahrain and arguably in the region as a whole. You can’t know what you’ve missed until you’ve experienced it.

If you are looking for an extra special accommodation experience – alone or with the family – come and spend a few nights, with incomparable views of the Arabian Gulf beneath the stars and the lapping waters underneath your feet.

C Hotel houses a total of 14 elegantly designed, luxurious rooms, each with its own balconies, fully equipped with large flat-screen TVs, Wi-Fi, and more.

You might opt for the basement deck which has 8 rooms, or the top deck which comprises 4 rooms and a large terrace, offering you a full view of the sea and bountiful sunshine.

Additionally, we have 2 master suites on the top deck with soul-stirring views; overseeing the majestic Arabian Sea!

There are so many defining features of C Hotel – Moored next to Coral Bay’s white, sandy beaches and waking up every morning to magnificent ocean views.

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