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Promoseven Holdings announces the inclusion of "Diyar Alkhair" in Mazaya

Promoseven Holdings, Bahrain's premier real estate developer, stated that its most recent project, the "Diyar Alkhair" project, has been added to the "Mazaya" program's list of real estate projects. Citizens who match the "Mazaya" criteria will be eligible to participate in the program and purchase a housing unit in this project, which is located in the Sanabis neighborhood and offers several types of flats with prices starting at BHD 50,000.

"The Diyar Alkhair project is a national contribution to support the government's tireless efforts to deliver additional housing units to the growing number of inhabitants, with qualitative benefits that suit their income." Mr. Miknas expressed his thoughts.

Mrs. Ibtissam Laitoum, Head of Promoseven Holdings' Real Estate Department, stated that the inclusion of the "Diyar Alkhair" project in the "Mazaya" program's list of projects is in line with the project's basic concept, which is to meet Bahraini citizens' housing needs through creative solutions that professionally implement sustainable housing methodology, to provide adequate housing for Bahraini citizens.

"The project provides diverse housing solutions to a wide range of those who wish to live or invest, and it will begin in its first stage with various apartments and facilities that, upon completion, form an integrated city in the Sanabis area, which mediates Bahrain's commercial and tourist heart, 3 km from the capital, Manama, and in the middle of a highway that connects southern and northern Bahrain." Mrs. Laitoum came to a conclusion.

Originally published on 10th February 2021 on Zaywa

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