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  • Noor Elqaq

Top 6 Things to Know about Digital Marketing in 2022

Transparency and Privacy

Consumers are more skeptical than ever about data tracking and are starting to demand more privacy. As a result, third-party trackers have become a trending topic and more so after Google vowed to stop using them by 2023. Other web browsers including Safari and Firefox have already stopped using them.

It is usually advertisers and social media sites that attach third-party cookies which helps them to define a target audience for advertising. While effective, companies will have to learn to find other ways to collect data. According to a study at Cisco, participants said that they would prefer a company with ethical data sharing practices. Investing in privacy technology is worth it especially with a generation that is becoming increasingly suspicious of data tracking.

Influencer Marketing

This type of marketing is easily one of the most effective ways to garner credibility among your audience. Influencer marketing is not just a fad and has begun to make its way into mainstream marketing. At the heart of it, it is a collaboration between a brand and an online influencer where the influencer tries to market a product or a service.

Some Background:

Influencer marketing started as early as 2006 but it looks different now than it did back then. It was only just the beginning of the Twitter and Facebook era with Instagram not emerging on the scene until 2010. During that time, Influencers or bloggers, as they were known at the time, would share stories about their lives and promote products that were beneficial to them.

The concept is simple - the consumer trusts said YouTuber/ fashion blogger and therefore will trust the product. How does it work? An influencer with a strong following is usually asked to promote a product by a brand which should, in turn, increase brand awareness.

Influencer marketing is trending now but it is only rising in popularity and will not be going away any time soon. It is a good time to start drafting an influencer marketing strategy.

DIY videos

DIY video snippets are in and consumers are here for it. They have taken center stage and have proven to be a wild success with consumers and especially with the younger generation. TikTok has helped in popularizing DIY videos and has inspired other platforms like Youtube and Instagram to include their own versions of video-based content (Instagram has reels while Youtube has shorts).

What is the appeal? They allow people to communicate with each other in a way that feels authentic. The younger consumer is looking for content that is unfiltered and unedited and this is what DIY videos provide.

Mobile-First Marketing

With younger consumers relying on their mobiles more than ever, a mobile marketing strategy is vital if brands want to stay on-trend. Content should be user-friendly and accessible and access to the content should also be smooth. There are several ways to do this but creating a distinctive design for mobile devices is key and guarantees an app that operates smoothly.


Another trending topic is bots. They’re computer programs that are made to carry a conversation with online users over the internet. They are becoming increasingly in demand and allow consumers to get responses to their inquiries right away. They are also good at searching through data and are fast at making recommendations for users.

Chatbots are another trend that will continue to rise in popularity among consumers because of the demand. They can be found on several platforms notably Whatsapp, Messenger, Facebook, and text messages.

In short, Bots respond to consumer inquiries on the consumer’s time and create an enjoyable experience for the consumer.

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