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Why is TikTok Better than Snapchat for Influencers?

Updated: Jan 13, 2022

Both Snapchat and TikTok are wildly popular with younger audiences and Generation Z in particular. While Snapchat has been around for a longer time, TikTok is catching up and becoming the new hub for influencer marketing. The app shows potential and is starting to get recognition, making a name for itself as the most popular video-based entertainment app.

Since TikTok is new, advertising on the app is less expensive than Snapchat. There are also fewer regulations which allow more room for experimentation.

Growing a TikTok fanbase

For influencers who want to build an audience, TikTok seems to be a better alternative to Snapchat. It gives them a chance to connect with new people and reach a large audience. They can increase their exposure by linking their social media accounts to Instagram, Youtube, or their videos.

The app allows influencers to quickly and easily create a range of videos using video effects, sound effects, and filters.

Getting views on videos

It has never been easier to become an influencer on TikTok. A person requires basic knowledge of how the app works, creativity, and consistency in posting videos. TikTok users want fast-paced content and this is what influencers should deliver. The algorithm promotes everyone’s content, even pages with very few followers. Going viral is possible when you riff off popular audio and choose the right hashtags. There are different types of content you can attempt on the app: how-to-videos, duets, and informative content.

Finding a niche on TikTok is the key to finding the right audience. As long as an influencer finds their interest and create content, they will have no problem attracting loyal viewers. However specific their interests are, the content is sure to find its way to the right audience. The algorithm is unique in that way.

Creating a connection

Influencers have become popular on TikTok because they’re quickly and easily able to create a real connection with the people who follow them or see their videos. TikTok is an effective platform for influencers to establish their credibility among their audience. This way, followers will trust the brands and products that influencers promote.

The app caters to the fast-paced digital climate and gives influencers (or anyone really) a chance to show their viewers an unfiltered and authentic view of their lives. When they become accustomed to using the app, it will be relatively easy to get their eyes on their videos.

Sharing content across platforms

You can’t reuse your content on Snapchat, but you definitely can on TikTok. Another one of the app’s perks is that it allows you to share videos across other social media platforms; this includes Instagram, Pinterest, Instagram stories, and Facebook. Pinterest, in particular, is a trendy platform for sharing TikTok videos as it is a haven for lifestyle boards that include fashion, beauty, and decor.

Engagement figures

TikTok succeeds tremendously at engaging users of the app. As one study shows, TikTok outperforms all the other platforms in engagement figures. The algorithm doesn’t fail at keeping viewers absorbed and scrolling.

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